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An interview with Alison Maitland, co-author of Future Work, in the January 2013 issue of Leading Effectively, the e-Newsletter of the Center for Creative Leadership.

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The part-timers are taking over

Many organisations still see “part-time” as synonymous with junior or middle-ranking roles and modest responsibility and ambition. The new Power Part Time List shows just how outdated traditional views on part-timers are becoming. Alison Maitland reports.

Published by the Financial Times Executive Appointments section, 22 Nov 2012

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Control is the key to managing work stress

But giving individuals more control means managers having to give up some of their perceived control, writes Alison Maitland

Published by IWE, October 2012

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The check is in the mail

Late payments are not just a financial issue, they're an ethical issue too. What are all those claims of corporate social responsibility worth when companies are grinding their suppliers into the ground? asks Alison Maitland
Published by The Conference Board Review, October 2012

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"The personal assistant I never see"

Alison Maitland looks at the growing trend in Virtual Assistants who use online collaborative technology to provide support services for clients they never meet face-to-face.

Published by the Financial Times, 18 Oct 2012.

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Why isn't progress on gender happening faster?

The business case for gender-balanced leadership just got even stronger. But the snail's pace of women's progress into top jobs shows that the business case is not enough to erase centuries of ingrained attitudes and assumptions that hold women back, writes Alison Maitland.

Published by IWE (International Women of Excellence), Sept 2012.

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The five types of trust

Building credibility beyond the usual tone-at-the-top approach.

My Workspace column in The Conference Board Review, Summer 2012.

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End of the 40-Hour Workweek?

Command and control will no longer be the currency in the workforce of the future.

This is an interview I gave to Alice Andors of HR Magazine in the US, published in July 2012. Copyright: Society for Human Resource Management, Alexandria, VA. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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Future looks bright as flexibility increases

At a time of rising unemployment, when men still vastly outnumber women in senior jobs, it might seem odd to be positive about the future for women at work. But there are many reasons for qualified optimism.

Financial Times, 19 April 2012

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What the %#!& Are You Talking About?

Why Does the Corporate World Continue to Mangle Language? asks Alison Maitland

As unemployment soars around the world, we’re hearing a common refrain from the business community: Young people lack the skills needed for the world of work—in particular, how to communicate. Half the managers in a recent survey by the U.K.-based Chartered Management Institute complained of young recruits’ poor communication skills. But who will teach them to speak clearly and concisely? Surely, it won’t be the same business managers, analysts, and internal-communications people who persist in bombarding and baffling us with increasingly mind-numbing management-speak .....
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Published in The Conference Board Review, April 2012

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