Are gender differences an invention?

Is it harmful to women's career prospects to argue that gender balance matters because females bring different skills to the business world? The authors of a provocative new book argue that it is. Alison Maitland offers her own perspective.

Column published by IWE, March 2014

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Curbing our workaholic culture

The current single focus on work devalues those who are too young or too old to work, or are unable to do so for other reasons, while it ratchets up the pressure on us hamsters to spin ever faster in our wheels.

Read more of my latest Workspace column for The Conference Board Review at:

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Three Reasons to Avoid Lists

1. They are lists. 2. See previous item. 3 Read below.

My "Workspace" column, lamenting the rising incidence of numbered online lists of management and career advice, was published by The Conference Board Review in October 2013 and can be found here:

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Part-time bosses say they do a better job

A series of articles I wrote about the Timewise Power Part Time List of groundbreaking business leaders with innovative work styles appeared in the Financial Times on 5 December 2013:

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BBC World Service discussion on the Future of Work

I've just taken part in a lively discussion programme about flexibility and the future of work on the BBC World Service. Fellow guests were the Guardian's Zoe Williams and Microsoft's Dave Coplin. The programme, In the Balance, presented by Colm O'Regan, can be heard here:

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Strategies for changing the gender imbalance

Getting men to lead change is a key step in shifting persistent gender imbalance at the top of organisations, writes Alison Maitland

Published by International Women of Excellence, June 2013

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Don't forget your toothbrush

Tips for busy female professionals on travelling light and crumple-free, by Alison Maitland

Published by International Women of Excellence (IWE), March 2013

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Face-to-Face Fallacies

Why insisting that workers come to the office may not increase collaboration, by Alison Maitland

The Conference Board Review web exclusive March 2013.
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Happy employees and the bottom line

New research from Wharton business school has found what claims to be the strongest evidence so far that having satisfied employees drives up the value of a company.

Published by International Women of Excellence, Feb 2013.

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The part-time executive

Alison Maitland examines how even the most senior roles can be reshaped more flexibly for the 21st century

Workspace column, The Conference Board Review, Winter 2013

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